Concerts at Hertz Arena

For more information and availability, please contact the office of Hertz Arena V.P. of Event Programming, Randy Klinck at (239) 948-7825 x 1011.

License Application

Prospective Hertz tenants must complete a License Application Tentative reservations will be held ten working days, pending receipt of a written confirmation. If the application is approved, a lease outlining deposit, insurance, other pertinent information including an estimate of charges will be issued. The lease must be fully executed and returned with the required deposit within the specified time period to secure date(s) and space. No advertising may be done prior to execution of the contract.

Facility Rental Rates

The base rent for the facility includes main arena, seating bowl, backstage facilities, loading areas and concourses. Rental includes ordinary power, heat/air conditioning, normal illumination and access to the basic sound system.

Rental rates vary depending upon setup requirements, show size, and arena availability.

The arena floor is approximately 17,000 square feet (85×200). Almost any configuration can be accommodated. Sample configurations are detailed in the dropdown menu to the right.

Floor Plans

A number of floor plan setups are available, including end stage seating & GA, half house, and quarter house set ups. To view the full listing of setups, along with downloadable graphics for each, visit the seating charts page.


Hertz Arena reserves the right to operate and receive all income from concessions, other food and beverage, vending machines, and parking.

Hertz Arena has two fixed location merchandise stands and various portable stand capabilities. Merchandise fees vary and may include a fixed price buyout or percentage of sales with labor supplied by the Arena. Merchandise splits are typically 70/30 split after taxes and credit card fees.

Event Setup

Charges vary depending upon necessary work required. Setup includes setting the arena before the event as well as tearing it down after the event. Set up includes stage, (max 60×40), chairs, tables, mix position max (20×24). If event requires removal versus covering of ice, additional charges will apply.


Flat fee of $250.00 per phone line per day.
No charge for access to wireless internet.

Front of House

Ticket takers and usher staffing will be determined on a case by case basis and determined by the needs of the event. Hertz Arena reserves the right to establish minimum staffing to ensure public safety. Standard rate is $12.00 per hour (4 hour minimum call) and $18.00/hr for supervisors.


Runners with knowledge of local amenities and personal vehicles are $350.00 per day per runner. Rental vans are additional.


Forklift, excluding operator is $150 per lift per day. Two lifts available. Crane, excluding operator is $500 per day.


Staffing requirements are event specific and rates are determined by the agencies involved.

Fire Watch/Pyrotechnics

Any use of haze/smoke requires fire watch personnel. Fire watch rate is currently $52.50 per hour (4 hour minimum call.)

Special Effects/Pyrotechnics application permit must be completed submitted and approved by Estero Fire Rescue. The application fee is currently $75.00 and must be submitted by the Licensee. Fire watch rates for rehearsal/testing/performance are additional.

Hertz Arena Box Office Rates

All tickets for events are sold through the Ticketmaster system. Hertz Arena Box Office fees include all ticketing costs and labor to sell tickets.

Hertz Arena Box Office rates are 3.0% of net ticket receipts. Net tickets receipts defined as gross ticket sales minus applicable taxes.


Hertz Arena has an extensive Food & Beverage department to provide catering services to the Licensee. Requirements, menu selections and estimated head count must be provided no later than 14 days prior to the event date.

No food or beverages will be brought in to the facility unless purchased from Hertz Arena (unless otherwise agreed in writing).